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the blog is up

The time has come for me to start sharing my thoughts, my experiences, and my everyday activities with you. Up until now, I've been holding back, too unsure that what I have to say really matters to anyone. But I have finally realized that what I have to say matters to me, and there is value in that. I am confident that I will benefit from documenting every step of my entrepreneurial journey, and I hope that there is someone out there who might benefit as well. I invite you to journey alongside me as I take my love of sewing, design, fabric, and travel and create a backpack business.
As I document my journey, you will come to see that there is nothing special about me, nor is this a blog about the glamorous side of running a business. Instead, you will see that I am just a college student facing the normal challenges of balancing social life, class, and extracurricular activities who for some crazy reason decided to start a backpack business in the midst of it all. I don't have any special qualifications to have started this business... the only difference between me and the next girl is that I decided to take action and turn my ideas into reality. And as much as I love what I am doing and am excited to watch my ideas turn into a tangible business, there have been - and I am sure will be many more - frustrating and difficult moments. I've spent money on things I didn't need, overdrawn my bank account, and completely failed to do things that I said I would do, just to name a few. Starting a business hasn't been easy but it sure has been an adventure. Each day I make the decision to keep pushing forward and journey on.

Stay tuned for more posts about the story behind my business!
With love,
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