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The Origin Story

Let me take you back to the start...

Carica Road is a backpack business that uses old burlap coffee sacks, denim, upholstery fabric, and just about any other material you can think of, to make fashionable, one-of-a-kind bags. But it is more than just a product... it is a chance to embrace something that is completely unique - whether it is a backpack or our own stories - Carica Road represents the unique journey that we are all on.
The business came into fruition during my sophomore year in college
(I'm now a senior) while I was interning for a coffee company. That's when I first had the idea to turn an old coffee sack into a backpack. 
See, I've always had this weird obsession with backpacks... it dates back to childhood when I had this awesome 99 cent drawstring bag from Old Navy. It was green and blue paisley and I carried it everywhere - much to my sisters' dismay - but hey, backpacks are just so practical. I still own that paisley drawstring bag but thankfully I've managed to upgrade my style since then. During my freshman year of college I decided to sew my own backpack from old fabric lying around the house. Then sophomore year, I made another backpack while at my roommate's house out of her old jeans and some upholstery fabric I found in the basement. I was so surprised at how many comments I received about the bag.
Anyways, backpacks soon became my thing. My bosses at the coffee company encouraged me to start selling them to other people rather than just making them for myself. I took their advice and soon enlisted my mom as my seamstress. (After all, she is the one who taught me to sew as a young child.) So with the help of my amazing mother the business was born. Now my brother has  joined the team and together we are working to expand the business.
Check out our current selection of bags below and keep following our blog, to hear more about our story!
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