Rotary vibration primary cleaning screen

XMXZZD Rotary vibration screen


● High integral strength
● large yield ,good effect
● Universal joint hanger, strong and durable
● Metal screen and easy to dismantle

Application &advantage

XMXZS rotary vibration screen is suitable for cleaning large productivity materials and grading large productivity grain material, widely used in grain, animal feeder ,food,chemicals,winery industry. This screen can be operated individually ,and can be working equipped with vertical air-suction separator and self-circulating air separator, and separate the lightweight materials and dust effectively.

Performance Characteristics:
1.High integral strength,stable planar rotary operation, large production , cleaning and classification in good effect.
2.Screen in universal joint hanger ,strong and durable
3.The material is evenly spread over the screen surface in the feeding box to ensure the efficiency of screening and grading.
4. Screen in metal material with high strengthen , high rigidity ,and screen in plan surface.
5.The double functions of screen longitudinal compression, vertical compression and compaction seal; and screen lateral horizontal compression, adjusting screen lateral position and horizontal compression to ensure double function.
6. Easy and convenient to dismantle the screen
7. Transmission in modular structure , overall replacement, saving maintenance time
8.Optional to equip bearing temperature display and warning alarm system ( optional)

Machine details

Technical specification

Technical data

ModelXMXZZD150x250(2 layer sieve) XMXZZD150x250A(3 layer sieve) XMXZZD200x250(2 layer sieve) XMXZZD200x250A(3 layer sieve) XMXZZD200x300 XMXZZD200x360
Primary cleaning productivity (t/h)(筛孔φ10-φ12)5050606080120
Cleaning capacity(t/h)(sieve φ6.5-φ7)252535355575
sieve area(m3)3.753.755567.2